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Introducing the EleTab new series TV stands

EleTab TV Stand

Let me introduce the EleTab Elegant Easel Style TV Stand, ranging from the ELTTVS-01, ELTTVS-01W, ELTTVS-02B, ELTTVS-03B, ELTTVS-03C, and ELTTVS-03W.

Recently, we have launched a series of TV stands in the account of the hot sale of ELTTVS-01. The product has been sold out and will not be back in stock until this June 25th.

The three legs of this Tripod TV Stand are made of beech wood, which was imported from Indonesia. EleTab always wants to innovate people’s living space by inventing different types of products. For this product, we were thinking of “Minimalism”—less is more.

More importantly, some of the newcomers this time are made of high-quality aluminum, steel, which are differentiated from the current ones. ELTTVS-03 series changed the concept of tripod standing. Instead, it creates a new look of “V-Shape” base which innovates your way of displaying a TV. Especially the ELTTVS-3C, a chrome-plated appearance is living demonstration in response to the contemporary modern design.

So hit the link below to get more info about our newest TV stands.