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EleTab Electric Single Motor Standing Desk Frame ELTBAD-02
Stand up Desk Frame | Scenario Image
Stand up Desk Frame | Scenario Image2
Stand up Desk Frame | Specs1
Stand up Desk Frame | Specs2
Stand up Desk Frame | Specs3

Revolutionize your Home/Office with EleTab Sit-Stand Desk Frame

Studies suggest alternating from sitting to standing can provide multiple health benefits and boost productivity. With EleTab Single-motor Height Adjustable Office Desks, you can now easily achieve the perfect sit/stand balance throughout your entire workday.

Why choose us?

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Telescopic Height Adjustment

The solidly constructed steel legs utilize telescopic height adjustment. This ensures that the transition to your ideal, ergonomic position takes place in a matter of seconds with a simple touch. The EleTab electric sit-stand desk frame features a height range of 27.9” to 47.8”.

Product Features

  • Single Motor
  • 2 Stage Legs


Package Dimensions: 44.7 x 10.6 x 8.5 inches
Item Weight: 57.1 pounds  
Height Adjustment: 27.9"–47.8"
Max Load: 220 lbs

Recommended Desk Surface Size: 39.5"–67.5" (W), 24"–44" (D)