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EleTab Manual Standing Desk Frame ELTBAD-03
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Manual Standing desk Frame | Spec1
Manual Standing desk Frame | Spec2
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Revolutionize Your Home/Office with EleTab Standing Desk Frame

EleTab believes there is a healthier way for life and work, that's why we bring this standing desk frame to your workplace and home.
Studies suggest alternating from sitting to standing can provide multiple health benefits and boost productivity. With EleTab Manual Height Adjustable Office Desks, you can now easily achieve the perfect sit/stand balance throughout your entire working day.

Telescopic Height Adjustment

The solidly constructed steel legs of the EleTab manual standing desk frame utilize telescopic height adjustment. This allows you to raise the table to your ideal, ergonomic position in seconds.

Enhanced Stability

The frame is made of a scratch-resistant double-wall steel tube that can withstand 220 pounds of weight and a stable straight-up transition. It is keeping stable at any height to secure your equipment’s safety.

Crank System

Using minimal effort to adjust the desired sitting and standing height by the simple crank system through the day. An easy transition between sitting and standing is made possible by the EleTab manual sit-stand desk. Elevate your workstation to your ideal position with the simple, low-effort crank system. The stable design of the frame ensures that the crank system will continue to function properly and efficiently no matter how extensive the use is.

Product Features

  • Manual Crank System
  • 2 Stage Legs


Package Dimensions: 44.1 x 11.8 x 9 inches 
Item Weight: 56.9 pounds
Height Adjustment: 27.8" to 48.3" 
Max Load: 220 lbs
Recommended Desk Surface Size: 39.5" –67.5" (W), 24"–44" (D)